Things I’ve Learnt from Flying (especially long haul flights)

by Kimberly Ang

  1. Pockets. Pockets are useful af. I don’t understand why female clothing have a lack of pockets, especially since we are the ones always managing items for others (aka our man). I say, who cares about tight fitting clothes that show our silhouette; poackets forever! My favourite is buying a dress or skirt and discovering that the designer made pockets. That is what is call feminism. 
  2. Ignore all the bull about the convenience of travelling without checking in your luggage. Sure it may help you skip having to wait around the belt, but really do you want to trudge alone through a crowded airport in transit with 2 bags and a backpack? Especially when transits are in the wee hours of the morning. Take it from someone who walked from her house to the train station, which was only 5min, I really don’t want to have to be managing my luggage when alone during my 2.5h transit. But then again if you’re on a short haul, direct flight, by all means keep your cute little luggage with you. 
  3. Speaking of carry-on luggage, I am generally quite inept at putting my luggage on the overhead rack. I literally used my head to prop my luggage up while I used my hands to push. Hard. The fear of your luggage crashing onto your, it’s insanely legit. 
  4. To be honest, just carry as little as possible into the aircraft. Really speeds things up at security. 
  5. On hindsight, there is a benefit to not having pockets, you don’t have to empty them for security and be afraid someone is going to feel you up. 
  6. Get to your gate early and just chill grind your food along if you have to. If not you won’t get seats at the waiting area and you’ll be standing around like a blithering idiot. 
  7. If you’re the kind that does not pee much, or has emptied your bladder before the flight, take one of the seats inside. That way no one can bug you, and you can bug others if you really have to get out – and if they don’t willingly let you out you can always accidentally-on-purpose give them a good shove. After all, they probably chose the aisle seat so they had that coming anyway.