by Kimberly Ang

It’s day 2 night in Dublin. I’ve already realised a certain number of things. All this is truly an experience. Point form, because I’m too tired to make my paragraphs flow.

  • Good asian food far surpasses Western food. I thought I loved Western food but honestly everything here is pub food, which basically means everywhere sells Guinness beef casserole with mash.
  • Having your own room is pretty awesome and I don’t really think I have a problem going into reclusion once in a while, as long as it is self-reclusion and not exile, if you get what I mean. Which makes me wonder again if I am simply an introverted extrovert or an extroverted introvert. The difference is subtle, but it is there.
  • You win some you lose some. In this case you lose people because they think you may be in a different time zone than them and therefore cannot be bothered with you. And there some for an inexplicable reason you drop them the most random texts after totally getting over before ignored for 2 weeks only to be woken up from your jet lag with a whole slew of messages like the person never left. And it does feel like the person never left. Jokes, inside jokes continue in a comfortable understanding.
  • That being said, a 2 year plan to Disney World is made. Can’t wait for it A. Cannot believe I have to wait another 2.5 months to seal this deal.
  • And in conclusion to this, my cynical and somewhat rational (or rationalising) part of me believes that this 2 year plan will not come to pass because come on, only such promises ever come in fruition in movies. No one ever has to wait in movies. Things never have to change if they do not want to in movies. But life changes, and time waits for no one. Who knows, I may not even get my physical pinky promise with a Guinness in 2.5 months.
  • I need to believe that people actually mean what they say.
  • I got so used to counting backward that I forgot Singapore is actually 8 hours ahead. And of course my mental calculations are terrible and I completely forget that I am texting someone at 4am and sitting there wondering why I’m not getting a text.
  • This might actually make me a morning person. Because someone woke up at 2pm and woke me up at 6am here. Though I was actually already half awake because of the whole jet lag thing.
  • There really isn’t much things to do here at night, shop close early and there aren’t really any malls. I think I really am turning into a morning person.
  • If you didn’t realise by now, long and distasteful ramblings only happens when I’m really tired and I’m abusing the backspace button like no tomorrow.
  • Clean by Taylor Swift is a really empowering song.
  • I really really really want my 2 year plan to come to pass. I really really want my pinky promise and Guinness to happen. Please happen. YOU, please want this too.

I’m so tired right now.