hello from dubai, with love.

by Kimberly Ang

Hello, it’s 3.20am in Dubai now and here I am camped at Starbucks which is like, pure joy because all I really wanted after my first leg of the flight was coffee, and not the kind you get from the pot. And who cares if it’s 3am, my body is running on 1.5hours of sleep and thinks it’s 7am so caffeine seems quite apt.

Also I am nursing a terrible neck ache from the flight, which could quite possibly become a cervicogenic headache and I hope that does not happen. I don’t know why but the guy sitting beside me on the plane was kind of strange and also and very uncomfortable, which made me uncomfortable. Plus, he invaded my personal leg space -.- AND, who asks for a beer at like 2am in the morning?

This neck ache is making me cranky.