I Love You – Alex & Sierra

by Kimberly Ang


I fell in love with a beautiful boy
And you still take my breath away
When you left it was the end of my world
‘Cause I never got to say
That I love you
More than you think I do

They remind me of Us The Duo, version 2.0. But I quite like their sound more than Us The Duo (sorry, but No Matter Where You Are is a really lovely track though). I think that couples that perform together, and grow individually and together through their art is so amazing, and they are so strong.

Alright, I stumbled on them because apparently this track is written by Harry Styles (and internet wonders if this was written about Taylor Swift?). On the other hand, Wikipedia says others wise. I mean about Harry Styles being a writer of the track, that is. Who knows, but its a really pretty song.

I am in love with a boy who takes my breath away, simply just by being.