by Kimberly Ang

So, guess who got tickets to see McFly at the O2 over Easter weekend?

That’s right, ME!! 11 years I have been waiting for this moment, 11 years after Room on the Third Floor. Years after dreams of watching them at Wembley Arena and more recently, their 10th anniversary at King Albert Hall, I AM FINALLY GOING TO WATCH MCFLY LIVE.

Although it would be correct to call them McBusted now.

I love love McFly and the evolution of their music since 2004, I think it’s so amazing to listen to the maturity of their lyrics and sound now, but I miss all the old stuff. The super punky band music. I love Busted as well, after all they were my accompaniment for 3am study sessions during A Levels.

And so the seats are the block at the back of the stadium but I think after 11 years, it does not matter where I am, I just want to hear them live. I was to listen to Star Girl and Danny singing Bubblewrap. I’m forgoing One Direction in Singapore to channel them money into McBusted, especially since I’ll have to fly in from Dublin for the weekend but IT IS GOING TO BE WORTH IT.

I am really mad excited.