by Kimberly Ang

Happy birthday friend. It has been what, 3 years, since you went away? I’ve lost count. And yet these years just seem to come and go like anything. Feels like barely a day ago you had the world. And then you didn’t.

For some unknown reason that possessed me to actually click and see whose birthday it was today on Facebook, I was really stunned that the one out of many many times I would actually check whose birthday it was instead of letting it appear on my feed, it had to be yours. God I love your profile picture. I didn’t want to say anything, I thought it was not right of me to say something if others were determined to finally let you go. But you know what? We all still remember, the amazing being you were. I don’t think we can ever forget, it’s just that lesser of us can bring ourselves to show it.

So happy birthday friend, where ever you are.