Sam Tsui & Kurt Hugo Schneider – Summer Pop Medley 2014

by Kimberly Ang

I’ve got one less problem without you, won’t you stay with me?

How brilliant is the mash-up? I’ve been following their yearly pop medleys for the past 2 years? And I will say that while this year’s medley is one where I can barely identify the songs as easily as compared to previous years (apparently my taste is mainstream but not mainstream enough. There should be a new genre called “mainstream hipster music” or something), it is so seamlessly incorporated together. Or perhaps it is because I am unable to dissect the individual parts from each other so explicitly that it’s able to fuse together with such wonderful continuality.

Either way, I’ve had it on repeat the whole night while sorting out my ridiculous lit review and it’s so therapeutic yet frustrating to have to continuously switch windows to YouTube to click repeat because I cannot find the song on iTunes or Spotify. You see, I CAN’T EVEN BUY THE TRACK WHEN I REALLY REALLY WANT TO.

Another current earworm is Against the Current, though I will admit Chrissy Costanza does have quite limited vocal genre, whatever works for her really works for her. I’m loving the chorus of Comeback Kid.