How The People We Once Loved Become Strangers Again

by Kimberly Ang

“I want to believe that you either love someone, in some way, forever, or you never really loved them at all.”

I don’t want to believe that I never did love in you in the first place, because believe me, I once loved you with all my heart. But it isn’t fair for some part of my heart to continue to love you, that this part of my heart has been given away and I can never get it back. Because The One my God has chosen for me deserves my heart in it’s entirety, and not what you have broken and decided to leave behind. Do you think I could have the part of my heart that I gave to you back?

Thought Catalog

It’s interesting to think about how we make people who used to be everything into nothing again. How we learn to forget. How we force forgetting. What we put in place of them in the interim. The dynamics afterward always tell you more than what the relationship did — grief is a faster teacher than joy – but what does it mean when you cycle out to being strangers again? Because you never really stop knowing each other in that way. Maybe there’s no choice but to make them someone different in your mind, not the person who knew your daily anxieties and what you looked like naked and what made you cry and how much you loved them.

When our lives revolve around someone, they don’t just stop revolving around them even if all that’s left is the grief and pain that comes with their memory. Because you loved…

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