I Am The Girl Waiting For Your Text

by Kimberly Ang

I’ll always think you’re incredible in your own way.

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Robert Huffs-TutterRobert Huffs-Tutter

I am waiting for your text.

I always text you first. In fact, I often succumb to double-texting you when you don’t respond to my hilarious game commentary the night before.

I eagerly (and I hate to admit it) wait for your reply. Maybe you’re busy. Are you at work? Maybe you’re sleeping. Are you driving? Maybe you’re out to lunch with a friend. Are you rolling up a blunt to smoke later? Maybe your phone died.

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Your phone might just be on vibrate in your pocket. Or you left it in another room and totally forgot about it when you sat down on the couch to watch another Entourage rerun.

Like I said, maybe your phone died. I know how iPhones get. Your battery is at 19% and all of the sudden it’s at 1%, and before you know it that screen of death appears.

You haven’t…

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