An Open Letter to the Ones Who Have Had Their Hearts Broken

by Kimberly Ang

My beloved child, let me tell you this:

You are beautiful beyond description. When people of the world break you apart and leave you in pieces, I am there to pick up the pieces. Every crack and every broken piece, I see them all and I never miss out any piece. I gather all the parts of you that have been broken, and with my hands I mold them with new material. I add new things to make you stronger, I put you through the fire because it is something you have to go through.

Hold on my child, believe me that you will come out more beautiful than you could imagine. And you are my creation, nothing could take away the pride I have in you.

Remember that when you bless others with a word, you can also receive it for yourself.

Hold on to my promises my child. And I promise you better things will come when you arise from the fire. You will gladly boast that you are a conquerer in Christ.

Hold on child, and remember that I’ll always love you. Even when you think I don’t, I do.

Love, Your Father.