It started off eloquently enough

by Kimberly Ang

I’ve recently rediscovered an amazing bunch of YouTube film makers. I understand the internet, being the internet, it gives whoever so my freedom of expression whenever. I can never grapple the idea of YouTube stars because I don’t understand how you can earn money and be a star on basically a platform that anyone and everyone has access to? Not that I don’t think some YouTube stars are awesome, some of their works are pretty incredible. But I never understand how it can be a full time job.

Anyway, I rediscovered The Jubilee Project at a point in time when I was really low. You would probably remember them as the original prodders of Love Language, which has been remade so many many times by various people over the world and also uploaded on YouTube. I’d say, their film making has come a long way. I think the incredible thing is that there is always a reason for their short films. Not that they are purely abstract for art purposes, but it always holds some sort of meaning or is in support for some cause. Plus, they are asians. ASIANS. Not going to lie, but Asian short film makers are pretty awesome, American born or local born. I mean apart from the Jubilee Project, I LOVE WONGFU PRODUCTIONS, I kid you not. Which reminds me, Jon still has custody of my awkward panda. Anyway, the point is that it is pretty amazing to find a group of Christian YouTube film makers, that do it simply because it’s a calling. I can’t wait to share one of their short films on The Prodigal’s Son tomorrow during cell because I believe they have captured the Father’s love so wonderfully, I cried buckets when I first watched it.

Speaking of rediscovering things, I have rediscovered and been stalking. the Dramione and Klaroline tags on tumblr. I don’t care what you say, I love my OTPs. And Klaroline is a thing alright, because he’s back for her for TVD’s 100th episode. ANDDDDDD, I kind of just lost the muse to explain or convince you more about my OTPs. They are perfect and everything is right in the world.

Speaking of which, anyone who knows me should and probably know that I am an insane Harry Potter fan, having devoured the whole book series at least 3 times and all the films at least 3-4 times. I still get weird looks when I quote Harry Potter movie quotes I kid you not. Like, could I have my Harry Potter soul mate right now? When I quote “You’re fraternising with the enemy,” I would be contented with just, “The enemy? [He’s just a friend]” so I could continue with “Looks like he’s got more than friendship on his mind.”

I mean how fun would that be. We’d be practicing our uppity british accents!

And all I really want to do is to do a Harry Potter London tour. Like the parts of London that need to be seen are really Harry Potter live film locations. So I guess that extends out to Scotland. Whoopee.

I cannot wait for Kelvin to get me my Gryffindor merch from London. Though scumbag Pottermore has sorted me into Hufflepuff and Slytherin. Wait, I shall keep that story for a separate post altogether. Promise.

Right now my muse varies with the music playing from my iTunes which really, is just making this post quite messy. I don’t like it.