All These Little Things

by Kimberly Ang

I think watching too many RomComs could potentially cause an untimely demise of my relationship. Simply: unrealistic expectations.

In a desperate attempt to console myself, I have convinced myself that while it is possible for someone to come up with such amazing scenarios for movie plots (and you know, they are possibly written by a male too), then it could be possible some male soul out there could think up such a scenario and execute it in real life. Then it occurred to me recently (actually like, now) that the screenwriter and I are merely poor, lonely souls craving for the same, unrealistic but idealistic situations to happen in real life too. He probably consoles himself by making loads of money from it and allowing himself to be convinced it could happen by having two effect looking people act it out whereas I lie on my bed at home allowing myself to be convinced by two people on a screen that this could also be true.

Yeah, see how that doesn’t really work out? Plus nobody every tells you about what happens in between. WHAT DOES HAPPEN IN BETWEEN? WHAT HAPPENS BEFORE AND AFTER? No one tells you the crappy 25 years before or the hours/days/months/years of pure agony and sadness and frustration in between. No body tells you what happen after a year. They only tell you the good parts. They don’t tell you what happens when things become a little more real.

It occurred to me that big grandeurs, while plain for everyone especially you to see, is really like a duh, you cannot deny it, much less choose no to appreciate it. But when it comes to the little things, the things may seem a little more than just ordinary, when you choose to make them mean something, tends to make your day just that little more bearable, a little more magical.

It really isn’t about being swept off your feet, but tucking that stray strand of hair behind your ear.

It isn’t about the letters and essays, but the simple “good morning” text you religiously receive (and send) each day.

It isn’t about the 99 stalks of roses or the flowers, but the “darling” at the end of the sentence.

It isn’t about the grand phone call every night, but the texts peppered in between your day.

It isn’t about the sordid declarations of love, but the little heart emojis ♥

It isn’t about picking you up in a car, but accompanying you where ever you choose to go.

It isn’t about always getting what you want, but finding middle ground when both partners say “yes”.

It isn’t always words of love, but “hello, “thank you” and more often then not “I’m sorry”.

It isn’t about always having you right in front of me, but aways feeling you near.

And it’s easy to take these little things for granted, or even worse not recognise that they are there. So take a little time to appreciate your other half, and choose to see your relationship and the things they do in a way that makes you day a little better, your smile a little brighter.

It’s a constant journey and full of self-reminders. But thank you for teaching me all these things, and I love you for it.