5 Reasons To Own A Cat

by Kimberly Ang


Thought Catalog

A lot of people don’t like cats, the main arguments being that cats are unloving and they lack personalities. Well, cat haters, here are five solid reasons for owning a cat that will make you question all you ever knew about them. They were worshipped in Egypt for a reason!

1. They’re entertaining. Cats can make a game out of anything, whether it’s an actual game or your life. Yes, they will fervently chase after toy mice dressed like cops and jump from couch to couch like they’re starring in Dante’s Peak. But they’ll also wake you up by slowly pushing your glass of water until it falls off the nightstand onto your ankle. And they will run full-speed up a tree and bounce back un-phased after falling on your head and making you eat pavement. They’re unpredictable animals and at least half of your best stories will involve them.

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