7 Life Lessons From Loki

by Kimberly Ang

Thought Catalog

Like the rest of the world, I have been Loki-fied. And while others may swoon over that menacing smile, those luscious locks or his ability to still look hot in that ridiculous headgear, I’ve dug a little deeper. Here are 7 life lessons we can all learn from Loki.

1. Sort out your family issues.

This is vital. No one has daddy issues quite like our dear old Loki, but his longing to be loved develops into full-blown megalomania, topped off with a strange obsession with asking people to kneel. Before you lose your mind and land yourself in jail, sort out your family drama. I’m no expert, but I reckon in most cases it would mean practicing forgiveness.

2. Be burdened by your glorious purpose.

I nearly spat out my drink at this line (because it was that brilliant), but Loki’s right: find your purpose, and be burdened by…

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