Story of My Pandora Charms: Part One

by Kimberly Ang

© beautyisexcrescence

Never in my life did I think that I would succumb to such extravagant commercialisation of jewelry. I abhorred the comparison and showing off of all the various, ahem, spoilt princessy girls in the shops with their tinkling charm bracelets strapped on their wrists and boyfriends in tow. It always looked to me, as they nonchalantly hung their wrists out for the salesperson to unclasp their bracelet and add another new charm to their already seemingly exorbitant collection strung on their wrists, a never ending silent competition to purchase the most expensive and intricate charms to form their collection, I didn’t want to be one of them.

I didn’t want to have a charm bracelet (which isn’t cheap at all, mind you) with all sorts of ridiculous and often mismatched coloured glass beads with dangling chains and charms for the sake of just having a collection, a charm bracelet weighed down by a representation of meaningless gifts and wealth, just for the sake of it. I especially do not want to tow my boyfriend to the shop when I casually think of expanding my collection.

Basically, I detested being one of those girls in the shops with their overloaded bracelets, immaculately manicured nails and boyfriend in tow. I could not deal. I loathed the idea of the backstory of a charm bracelet was simply one dimensional: It was a present; my boyfriend bought it for me.

So what do these mean to you? I don’t really have a clue, I guess he just bought it for me because he thought that it was nice.

Well, sure.

I’m all up for the collection of  charms one by one; a declaration of independence with my first pay check, a charm representing fellowship with girlfriends, a present from a lover, wishes and blessings from the family.

It’s a collection of stories and memories, not just another charm bracelet.

And what else screams spoilt more than $400 or more worth of silver encircling your wrist for really, no good apparent reason except for the fact that your other is filthy rich and this deemed a worthy enough gift of wealth (sorry, no names mentioned).