Open Letter To My Cat At Dawn

by Kimberly Ang

Love cats, but too wonderfully written. And I believe it to be very “catty” as well.

Thought Catalog

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, commonly known as the SPCA, whose logo you might have seen before I rescued your ass, is about a seven minute cab ride from my place, which I know you think of as “our place,” or perhaps even your place. This is not true. All the documents bound to this place are under my name, and thus my sole legal liability.

Speaking of “legal liability,” did you know that you have a chip on the back of your neck, surgically inserted under your skin? My name is registered on that chip as your legal adopter, which means I cannot just put you in a cardboard box and place you in the projects. There would be negative consequences for me, so don’t consider yourself flattered.

I have opposable thumbs, you don’t. I can open the cat food, you can’t. I know where Petco…

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