Burning Bridges

by Kimberly Ang

How much do you miss me, could you count thy ways in the stars?

Do you stare at your conversation screen and hover your fingers over the keys, ever wondering what were the right words to say? Do you eagerly will the status bar to flicker between online and typing…?

Do you want to hear your phone ring so bad you hear it in your mind, wanting to pounce on it so badly but holding back with all the restraint you could master?

I do, I always do. But it never seemed to bother you the way it bugs the hell out of me. So I guess that is how it feels when you choose to be the one who loves more.

The shame is that really, it’s always going to be either one of us. One of us is going to bound to love the other more, even when we both don’t love anymore. Someone always does it more, we’re never the same. I stand here , where do you choose?