I’ve lost the power to tell.

by Kimberly Ang

Words are only words, until they are given meaning to it. When they line up after another to tell a story, they gain meaning.

Words lose power when you don’t use them. I for one have been writing so many case notes, I fear I no longer the delicate stringing of words together. Words have to be short and concise, the more medical the better. I try to write out words to express how I feel, and I feel is a jibberish mess.

Altered mental state, ? depression. Give the girl a prozac.

That would be a to-do after my clinicals. To be a wanderer for a day, armed with my iPhone 5 camera (because I don’t own a pen ): ) and literally just wander about the nook and crannies of Singapore.

Wonder what will happen. Wonder what happens when I try to be all artsy.