To my dearest mentor, my hero

by Kimberly Ang

Every once in a while, you meet someone who gives you meaning again. Someone who makes you feel like it is worth giving on more shot. Someone who believes in you, and you cannot help but wonder why. Someone who lays down his pride to help push you towards a standard you never thought you could achieve, but he believes in you, know deep down that all this makes you an even better physiotherapist. He makes you believe in something you lost once upon a nightmare, to have faith that your hands can change the lives of patients once again.

Never before have I had a mentor take off his shoes and lie on a plinth to allow a student to manhandle his limbs until he is satisfied with your handling skills, to poke and prod until you get it right down pat. I think it means so much more that I have a mentor who believes in me, and is dedicated to help build me back up again after the horrible experiences that I can’t help but be inspired to want to become a better physiotherapist.

I am not completely convinced that I like musculoskeletal yet, but I definitely do not hate it like I first did. Because you opened my eyes and you challenged me, and someday when we become colleagues and you are my senior, I’ll always look back and you’ll always be the mentor who pushed me beyond what I thought I was only capable of.

You are my hero, you make me want to be like you. Thank you.