The Irony of being Awake When You Shouldn’t

by Kimberly Ang

My eyes are dry and tired, my body begs to go into hibernation for the night, but my brain is in hyperdrive. It’s not like whatever is keeping me awake are sheer and utter lucid worries, like maybe I have a loved on hospitalised or like, I’m flying off tomorrow, have I gotten everything I want in my suitcase?

Granted, my viva exam is tomorrow, but that isn’t the very thing on the top of my mind, nor the thing keeping me for that matter. Scumbag brain decides a it doesn’t want to sleep when you have to wake up at 7.30am for lessons.

Instead you start to notice how bright you room is in the death of the night, how the light spills in through you windows, the shadows that cast on your ceiling, the way it reflects a little too brightly off the white top I have slung over my desk chair.

The gentle breeze coaxing its way through the day curtain and into the room, mixing signals. It’s too cold, it’s too hot. My legs feel good under the cover, no it has become to warm for this. The left, the right feels much more comfortable. I cannot decide, they only satisfy me for that bit of time, until the side of the bed starts to feel too warm and too stagnant for the night.

I have an old pair of converse shoes which I used to love, I wonder where they are now. What could I pair it with that would make me look casual without trying too hard. Would floral shorts be too much for a viva exam?

My head is hell in the nights. I blame the lack of melatonin.