Every child deserves a Disney childhood.

by Kimberly Ang

(Disney Piano Medley I – AJ Rafael)

Disney, piano pieces and a medley, all in one. It’s like a dream come true, that AJ Rafael decided to do this. This wouldn’t be something you could find any old how, and if you didn’t have the skill, this medley would exist in your head for you alone.

There is something about Disney, so simple and magical that transports you back to your childhood, where all the joy you experienced as a child, all your life lessons came in Disney films. It warms my heart and brings me back to simpler times, just like everything Disney does. No matter how many times I go back to HK Disneyland, who cares if it’s the tiniest Disneyland in the world, it’ll always be my happy place. The music makes my heart swell, like how I was watching my third HK DIsneyland firework show at closing within the last 6 months and my boy still caught me tearing up the moment the lights dimmed and the first note of “A Whole New World” struck.

Mulan teaches you to be different, and fight for the things you believe in. Pocahontas teaches you that love is universal, and it builds the bridge between two very different people. Tangled teaches you to dream, and to chase that dream until it becomes a reality. Aladdin teaches you that there is a whole world out there waiting for you, no one should limit you. Hercules teaches you to find your true self, and don’t stop until you do. Tarzan teaches you no matter what, filial piety is of utmost importance. Beauty and the Beast teaches you that just because a person may look ugly on the outside, they could have hearts of gold (someone ruined me by likening it with Stockholm Syndrome. Thanks uh). Up teaches us that it could sometimes be the most unexpected person to help us find what we thought we lost. Toy Story teaches us, well, “you’ve got a friend in me”.

Im so glad I was a Disney kid. It’s not just about the princesses, I loved how the medley was mostly on the less famous Disney songs, the more subtle ones you might overlook as Disney songs, but so beautiful all the same.