Soul mates

by Kimberly Ang

My soul misses you. It misses you like a part of me isn’t there, like an elusive dream that I forgot one midummer’s night. My soul misses you when you’re not around, when I see you turn your back and board the homeward bus. It’s not about the time, for time is timeless. I miss your presence, my soul misses your presence even when you’re not there. Doesn’t matter if I haven’t seen you for only hours, days or weeks, my soul will still miss you because you aren’t there.

My soul misses you when you’re here, when you eyes look at me but I feel your heart far away. My soul misses you when I exchange a smile for a blank look. It’s rains and my soul misses the tangible hugs. My souls misses you and wonders if you miss me too, if your soul thinks of me too when I’m not around.

My phone rings and I know I’m okay, my soul misses you but my heart knows you’re right by me.