Til death do us part

by Kimberly Ang

The topic of weddings came up again in school. It’s strange how often this has been occurring recently. I’d like to reiterate: I am only 21 and I’m in no hurry to wear a wedding gown unless for frivolous twirling purposes.

Someone told me this today, that your other half should be a precursor for going overseas. That is to say that someone who is attached should never travel without their significant other. Even more, travel solely with the person. Days to weeks as the duration draws longer, so will it extrapolate to the next 60 years with the same person.

I’ve never heard something so flawed in my life. Firstly, there is nothing definite in sparodic vacations that could ever properly define a marriage. How long could you vacation at one shot anyway. Secondly, let’s say all these vacations turn out exceptionally well, you both know each other inside out, right down to the little bedroom/bathroom idiosyncrasies, what’s next. What about the families, the in-laws? The friends, the work, the colleagues. The dog, the neighbours? What now? You can’t possibly live in a bubble for the rest of your life. Real life is so much bigger than just the two of you.

T believes that the opposite stands even truer, that if you able for whatever circumstance be away from your other half even for long periods of time and still stay as strongly in love with each other, then it’s a relationship built to last. It’s a delicate balance of independence and dependence that I find so oddly intriguing to want to achieve.

Plus, there is a certain beauty in missing someone, and being missed in return.