Social Star Concerts – Aerosmith

by Kimberly Ang


I was down at Gardens by the Bay last night for the second night of The Social Star concerts featuring Aerosmith! It was an amazing opportunity to see them live (after so many years of fame, they finally come down to Singapore at Steven Tyler’s ripe old age of 65), and plus we got half price on the tickets which were a HUGE deal because each ticket was originating at $165 and we being poor students don’t have that much cash to spare, even if it is Aerosmith. Bu then bunch of them who went with me last night will swear that every single cent is worth it. And it’s true.

As usual, everyone was late, got ripped off at MBS for their overpriced food, finally made our way to The Meadow at Gardens and was unexpectedly emptier than I thought. Then again I always compare outdoor concerts to the likes of the first Sundown Festival I went at For Canning where FT Island were playing and BY GOD THE QUEUE WAS SO AMAZINGLY LONG, fangirls had started queuing since 9am in the morning (and I arrived at 5pm)! It has dawn on me now that that only happens to concerts with XMMs aka if they are there you shouldn’t bother.

Stood from about 7pm to 8.30pm, opening act came out (Euphoria Audio from the UK, rather brilliant actually, I like their genre of music, something I dub Alternative Rock. Plus they are from the UK which makes them automatically awesome but they’re no Aerosmith sorry). I always feel bad for opening acts because half and hour of their gig seems like the longest prelude you could torture a fan with, no matter how good they are. Yes I understand they’re on the brink of making it big, come on opening for Aerosmith, but people are going to inevitably boo them off stage.

So at approximately 9.30pm, Aerosmith appeared on stage opening with Love in a Elevator. SO.FREAKING.AWESOME (I like le boyf won a bet about this with the guys). The only problem was the extensions stage where Steven Tyler was on for like 70% of the time and I really got to see his ass more than anything. Not that it’s a bad thing. I mean I understand Singapore has screwed up weather and I wouldn’t want him to collapse on stage from running about. Joe Perry was amazing too, had so many guitar changes I lost count how many he brought for the gig. At least 5 I’d reckon, the glass one was the coolest.

Not going to bother with the setlist because I am sure you’d be bale to find it online, but the best song last night was probably Dude (Looks Like a Lady). Some headbanging to the riff ensued, it was so awesome, and i think my favourite song of the night. That, and Dream On, where Joe Perry climbed onto the grand piano (not unlike Danny Jones did in Don’t Stop Me Now), and Steven Tyler ended the song strong and proud on the grand piano as well. The stage presence is of such immense proportions, I don’t really get how you cannot get into the mood of just partying to their music with them. I saw two sullen faced teens in front of me and they were so impasse throughout the whole concert, I don’t think I saw them open their opens of lifted their hands expect to take videos. And the dude was 1.9m no not only was he a wet blanket but he was blocking so many people he was such a hindrance I wanted to kick him so badly (which I did, accidentally on-purpose when he kept backing into me. Elbowing is another thing you can try).

I think this is the first concert that has ever left me unable to feel my ankles, knees, left hip and lower back. I probably ground my meniscus to nothing from all the grooving. the whole night was just about 5 hours of me doing the “disco test” (was that what they call it?).

So now I’m kind of addicted to concerts the same way i am addicted to plays because there is something just so intense about live performances. I can’t wait for Fall Out Boy in August.