I am not dead

by Kimberly Ang

I have not been writing for a while, I guess I kind of lost my muse there for a moment. Perhaps all the rushing for my literature review has burned me out for the past 2 weeks and I really didn’t want to stress over stringing words together again. I have been in a rut, unable to complete my writing samples or reviews and using the excuse of not having Photoshop to postpone doing up my CV. Not very nice of me, seeing as how as of today it has bee a week since my last play and my review has probably become officially irrelevant and hence would make a poor writing sample, so very detrimental to my writing career that is kind of still crawling on the ground.

I’ve spent today fixing up my home sound system so that I could watch Iron Man 1 & 2 only to discover that the latter has been removed off Starhub’s cable VOD and causing a descend into a silent living room trying my best to torrent *ahem* the best quality video I can find to plug into my DVD players before I lose my stay-at-home saturday. Also, frantically trying to expand the power of Google search and secretly wishing I was some tech genius able to hack into a networking system so as to generate a code for 2-for-1 Aerosmith tickets which I am pretty desperate for. in the mean time I have email the person in charge hoping they will kindly (and quickly) email me back the promo code. I REALLY WANT THOSE TICKETS PLEASE EMAIL ME BACK KTHXBYE.

Lastly, I am a hungry monster and I want a buffet dinner.