Please Try Again

by Kimberly Ang

2000 word essay due and I only have 2 paragraphs, 346 words written.

Poached Mag is looking for an arts columnist (which I would die for. Theatre!) and I have 2 incomplete writing samples AND a resume undone.

AND I AHVE THE HUGEST WRITER’S BLOCK NOW, this is really upsetting. I would love to hide at the botanic gardens now with my laptop but weather does not permit. Plus I am hungry, and brain dead + hungry = I just need Modern Family right now. Oh, and Coffee Bean has been looping its 7 track playlist over and over periodically over the last 4.5 hours. Incessantly chattering girls next table, you’re disturbing the sanctity of silence. Last warning.

This is so upsetting. Can someone just hook a machine up to my brain and let it write out my dreams. I think they would make interesting writing samples.