That Time I Went Half A Day Without A Phone

by Kimberly Ang

My S3 finally caved in and crashed and burned without so much as a notice whosoever. Not that I’m unhappy it died, because the phone really sucks and I should have seen it coming, but phones simply don’t die out at 6 months. That’s like, the worst phone you can ever have, it doesn’t even deserve to be called a phone. It’s a device of pure torture. I’ve been having so many problems since I got it! The charger was wonky, I could charge the phone through the night and wake up with 9% battery. 9 stinking percent!! WHAT HAS IT BEEN DOING ALL NIGHT?! Then there are the moments where the phone would do weird shit and switch itself off, which it did again last night for like 4 times before it managed to stay alive for me to actually use whatsapp like a freebird for a few hours before I slept. At 4am when I was semi-awake and was checking the time the phone was perfectly fine. At 8am in the morning when I was half awake and doing the same thing (because when you are half awake, you check your phone. Yes, I’m addicted to my phone), and the boot up screen just kept flashing on and off. It’s like a person trying to get off the floor and realising that it requires too much effort and just flops back onto the floor. Then they feel bad and try again, and the same thing happens. My phone was like a fat, fat person attempting to lift himself off the ground.

I thought perhaps the battery was dying or something so I plugged it in to the charger only to have the same thing happen to me with a half full battery icon. I gave up and went back to sleep. I guess the phone probably flopped itself for a good 6-7 hours before it finally gave up and just asystoled. I couldn’t get it revived, even plugging into the charger didn’t work.

Blood dramatic S3, decided to kill itself justt because it knew I was forsaking it for my lovely iPhone 5 today. I don’t regret my decision, I love my Apple products.

I felt so disconnected from the world without whatsapp and twitter that I eventually decided it’s time to upgrade my OS to Mountain Lion so that I would use the Messaging function. Sadly up till now, I have yet to figure how it works and how to fully utilise the $25.98 I spent on upgrading my OS. Plus I hope it doesn’t make my laptop any slower than Lion did.

In conclusion, we’ve been so pampered with our smart phones it really felt weird that half a day I knew I couldn’t be contacted, though no one else knew that. I know my classmates had this conversation before and it was about choosing between their smart phones and food. I don’t really think I know the answer to this up to now, somehow I know I will regret whatever decision I make. Basically  won’t be able to choose, and I know that quite well after today.