Why I Like Taylor Swift

by Kimberly Ang

It’s 8.35am, I can’t go back to sleep before I have to wake up for my 11am lesson. I’m craving Macdonalds for breakfast but no one else is awake. It’s a rainy, pensive morning. So I curl up in bed with my beloved MacBook Pro and open Spotify. And with any music community, you have to decide on something you want to listen to. Any new music recommendations lately? Nope. Pink, Maroon 5, Swedish House Mafia? No, probably not. Doesn’t seem to fit the pensive mood. Then I think of a song that has been playing at the back of my mind quite recently, a song that would probably be the soundtrack of my life if I wanted it to be. Or perhaps I wanted it to be, it just isn’t happening. Yet.

Sparks Fly by Taylor Swift. My idea of a perfect, rainy morning song. Where the sun is halfway up in the skies, where the lingering clouds that have not completed it’s water cycle compliment the sun, the delayed drops falling from the sky.

I’ll probably be outrightly shot by people (and conversely, applauded for secretly by others) for saying this: I like listening to Taylor Swift. I actually really like her music, and I like them even more than when she first introduced into the music scene with her doe-eyed, bushy blonde look with a penchant for her guitar more than anything. And then people realised her rep for penning down songs of her famous ex-es, in that 4-5 minutes song we have an insight into the depths of her soul, her true feelings about the relationship. The anger, the regret, the joy and love back then.

If you religiously follow tabloids and magazines, websites about celebrities dishing their dirt, you probably cannot be that upset that Taylor Swift chooses to bear them all for the world to hear in 4-5 minutes snippets. Unless you know, you really hate the way the words are all strung together because there aren’t outright words of regret, names mentioned. Then I think you should just go back and study your English language because I think lyrics are a beautiful thing, kind of like poetry.

Also, you probably hate her because she’s beautiful, can date some pretty amazing (and questionable) guys in Hollywood and make money from her break up. Please, I am pretty sure that not every song that is written about a boy. I don’t think it is even possible to have dated a boy for each song. That would just be twisted.

I truly think that the beauty in all her music is how raw and emotive it is. This one of the reasons why I can stand listening to Big Bang, C.N Blue and F.T Island even though I can’t understand Korean but if you tell me you love SNSD’s music I will give you the most judgemental look I can conjure up, and trust me, I’ve had quite a lot of practice in that area. Of course you don’t like their songs, you just like synchronised dancing for Barbie dolls. But I digress.

The point is how can you not like artistes who express themselves through their music? Forget Taylor Swift, how about McFly, All Time Low, Sara Bareilles? I don’t think it gets better than raw emotion, because surely it would evoke something in us, a memory that is so real that for a moment we believe that they wrote that songs for us just as a consolation. Then you think that perhaps in the rest of the world, hundreds of others would relate to the same song the same way you do, and you don’t feel so alone. It’s comforting, it’s uplifting for the soul.

My friend once tweeted that Taylor Swift always had a song to express any situation she was in. I believe that in any situation, there is always a song that expresses what we feel right then, the mix of emotions that they’ve helped us articulately put together. Nearly all of those songs would be written by the artistes, and I think that is the whole basis of music. Expression, a voice, emotions; and not how about you want to be drunk and fuck that girl you see the club. If that is your soundtrack then no matter how drunk you are, you still deserve a stomp on the foot at the very least.

But you know, haters are gonna hate. They’ll always find something to hate about.