by Kimberly Ang

Repost from whimsicalwordplays.tumblr.com:

Somebody whom I admire very much once told me this: that dreams are dreams because they almost seem unattainable. And yet we still dream, and strive to reach it. Because no matter how afraid we are of failing, because we want to fulfil this dream so much, our fear of failure doesn’t seem to scare us so much.

Or so he put it in a similar way, I’m just inclined to paraphrase it. (or perhaps it could be due to my horrible memory. I really ought to listen more than I hear next time.)

And so I dedicate this to you, to thank you for challenging me to do this. I toyed with the idea of penning down every though of joy and frustration, confusion and pride. It seemed so tiring to do so, to always find the right words that matched the right emotions only to find that nothing in the dictionary could even begin to aptly describe the turmoil in your head. But now I like the challenge set forth, to pen down every whim and whatnot in the form of timeless words that never lose their meanings. For what good are memories if they fade away, emotions if they aren’t understood.

The topic titled started out as “Dreams”, and it would be seemingly appropriate for what I started this out with but then I realised it didn’t have to do so much as dreaming as it was about writing. I’m sure expressing emotions in words would be so much easier to understand then tears.

Dreams would come another day.